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Call us about BP Oil Claims - A new claims window has just opened.  If you have not made a claim and your income has suffered over the time of the oil spill, you may be eligible for to recover your
lost commission, wages, profit or earnings.

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4.        The Federal guidelines for the income threshold for a chapter 7 bankruptcy and the means test will change again on April 1, 2013.  If you are contemplating a bankruptcy you should speak
with a bankruptcy attorney soon to see if the changes impact you ability to file or decrease your possible payments in a chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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Tampa Bankruptcy Lawyer

The Galewski Law Group provides Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, mortgage modification, Divorce, Personal Injury and Accident representation to clients
throughout the Tampa Bay Area in cities that include Tampa, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Lutz, Holiday, Safety Harbor, Oldsmar, Sarasota, Crystal Beach,
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Bankruptcy Chapter 7 v 13

Each Bankruptcy consists of the same basic tests:
Liquidation Analysis and the Means Test.  In either
bankruptcy you must first perform a
liquidation analysis to
determine if you have assets above the
exemption level,
or the amount that you are allowed to keep.  If you have
assets above the exemption amount, you may either
surrender them or pay their value over time.  If you need
only a few months to pay a chapter 7 bankruptcy may
work. If you need more time a chapter 13 bankruptcy may
give you up to 60 months.

The means test is a test of average income. If your
household income exceeds the mean or average for your
area you may be considered to have discretionary income
and may be required to turn over the excess or
discretionary income over as much as 60 months in a
chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you do not have discretionary
income, by the Bankruptcy Means Test, and not in reality,
you may file either a chapter 7 or 13.  Note that there are
very intricate details to review in determining what type of
bankruptcy to file or even if you should file. Please
contact our bankruptcy lawyers for a free consultation.

Family Law - Divorce

Tampa Divorce Lawyers at the Galewski Law Group, P.A.
take a frank yet caring approach to your family law case.  
We will carefully analyze your situation and give a
reasonable expectation for the outcome. We are not know
for false predictions and will be honest about what you can
expect from the legal process, child custody disputes,
alimony expectations and equitable distribution of marital
assets.  In this economy, more so than ever, we see other
lawyers pushing for a fight and making unsubstantiated
demands for their clients just to run up a bill.

We recommend that you run from these people.  You need
a Divorce Lawyer that can be upfront and frank with you;
someone that can tell you the good side as well as the bad
side.  Even though we give you reasonable expectations
we will do everything to fight for your rights and to push for
what you believe is a fair outcome.

Your Tampa Divorce Attorney at the Galewski Law Group,
P.A. will fight hard for you, but will give you a set guideline
that your judge will likely use. We will use this guideline to
push your case to settle in a cost effective manner and with
the least disturbance to you and your children as possible.
This approach will help you to save a significant amount of
legal fees but will also get you the results that you deserve.

To learn more about Your Family Law Rights:

Divorce and Family Law
Bankruptcy - Debt Relief

Tampa Bankruptcy Attorneys at the Galewski Law Group, P.A.
take a goal oriented approach to your financial protection. We
are careful to analyze your particular situation and look to
your debt problems, such as credit card debt, medical bills,
mortgage debt, repossessions and foreclosures.  We strive
for comprehensive results, to give you a debt free fresh start.

We carefully compare your debt relief options with asset
protection strategies to assure that you do not have to pay
more than your fair share to your creditors. We utilize a
significant number of tools in house including Mortgage
Modifications, in or out of bankruptcy, Short Sales, principal
reduction short refinances, debt renegotiation, and
bankruptcy under Chapter 7, 11, or 13.  Click on the
appropriate link for Articles on Bankruptcy or contact our
Tampa Bankruptcy Attorneys today:

Sinkhole Insurance Claims

Tampa Sinkhole Lawyers at the Galewski Law Group, P.A.
use their long history in real estate and insurance claims to
protect your home or investment property against sink hole

Sinkhole claims are unique in the insurance claim industry,
because the insurance industry has lobbied for so many
years to exclude them from policies. Truth is even if your
insurance policy specifically excludes sinkhole claims, you
may have a right to have the company repair your home or
pay off your mortgage.

Sinkhole or settlement claims can impact your home,
business or investment home. Even a tenant in a
commercial building or rental home may have a claim
against the insurance company if there is settlement or
other damage caused by a sinkhole.

Sinkholes may present themselves as snake lines through
cinder blocks, foundation or wall cracks, driveway cracks,
depressions in land or other marks on a building.

The cost of a sinkhole claim may be in the tens of
thousands or more.  We will typically front these costs for
you and because of the cost we typically take these cases
on a contingency and do not get paid unless we win.

To learn more about Sinkhole Claims and Real Estate:

Auto Accidents -  Personal injury

Tampa Accident Attorneys at the Galewski Law Group, P.A.
take a personal  approach to your recovery.  We work directly
with your doctors and insurance company to assure that first
you receive the proper medical care and second that you
obtain your maximum financial recovery.  

We are careful to analyze your particular situation and to
assure that you do not simply run up a large medical bill that
would eat into your financial recovery.    

Our personal injury attorneys carefully monitor your
rehabilitation as well as your insurance coverage to protect
you.  If you are injured you need the best accident attorney on
your side that can help you recover and protect you. All to
often we have people call us after they were wrongfully sent
for endless unneeded treatment that left them with nothing at
the end of the case.   

We are here to help you recover from your injury.  We do not
get paid unless we recover for you.  If you are hurt in a
motorcycle or car accident, personal injury, slip and fall or
some other type of accident, please call our accident lawyers
to get information before you speak with an insurance
company or give a statement.

To learn more about how we can help with your injury please
click below:

Short Sale - Mortgage Modifications

Tampa Foreclosure Defense Lawyers at the Galewski
Law, P.A. are dedicated to protecting your home and
you from mortgage problems.

If you want to save your home we may be able to modify
your mortgage in or out of bankruptcy. The Courts may
allow us to remove your second mortgage or equity line
or otherwise reduce your mortgage principal or interest
rate to obtain a more favorable payment.  Recently many
banks have allowed short refinance options to allow
people to refinance with a reduced payoff amount so you
may keep your home. Contact our foreclosure attorneys

If you want to sell, surrender or otherwise walk away from
your home, we may be able to assist with negotiating a
short sale, arranging a deed in lieu of foreclosure,
discharging a deficiency, or otherwise protecting you
from the negative ramifications of the toxic mortgage.  In
addition we may be able to advise on tax ramifications or
refer you to a proper tax advisor to assure that there
truly are no major hurdles to you freeing yourself or a
toxic mortgage.  Talk to us early, before you miss
payments;do not wait for foreclosure documents.
Mortgage foreclosure and mediation are complicated
legal venues, get competent legal help early in the
process.  Contact our short sale attorneys today.

For more information about Short Sales, Mortgage
Modifications or a deed in lieu of foreclosure Click below:

Tampa Shortsale Attorney